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israel s secret wars a history of israel s intelligence - as someone who s enthralled with the world of intelligence this book really made me happy i found it to be very impartial politically although it dealt exclusively with israeli matters in historical order it did not for example go into detail about syrian leadership egyptian intelligence or us israel relations, nuclear weapons and israel wikipedia - the state of israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons current estimates put the size of the israeli nuclear arsenal at between 80 and 400 nuclear warheads and the country is believed to possess the ability to deliver them in a variety of methods including aircraft submarine launched cruise missiles and the jericho series of intermediate to intercontinental range ballistic missiles, dual citizenship should we be worried viewzone - viewzone magazine offers a look at life and humanity from different angles arizona history mexico hindu india lost history religion and mysteries as well as humor and facts we tell it like it is, amazon com israel s border wars 1949 1956 arab - israel s border wars 1949 1956 arab infiltration israeli retaliation and the countdown to the suez war revised enlarged edition, israel today israel news news headlines list - latest news from israel today the definitive source for a truthful and balanced perspective on israel, false flag attacks in argentina 1992 and 1994 by adrian - adrian salbuchi was interviewed by dr james h fetzer founder of scholars for 9 11 truth and host of the real deal who spoke at the national library of argentina on 11 september 2009 it was, program bringing high schoolers to israel blames demise on - umbrella group lapid israel which failed to garner enough donations or support says longer trips at younger ages are more effective at keeping kids jewish, the origin of the palestine israel conflict - if americans knew is dedicated to providing americans with everything they need to know about israel and palestine, trump says meeting with putin was really good for israel - trump says meeting with putin was really good for israel us president tells fox that putin is a big fan of jewish state and netanyahu but does not go into specifics