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students educators south carolina bar - overview of law related education the south carolina bar law related education lre is a service arm of the bar that since the mid 1980s has provided teachers school resource officers juvenile justice personnel and lawyers with resources materials and technical assistance to teach law and citizenship education, big ticket south carolina bar - helpful resources for south carolina lawyers such as practice management advice ethics opinions legal research cle programming and a member directory as well as information for the public on common legal topics, civil rights define civil rights at dictionary com - civil rights definition rights to personal liberty established by the 13th and 14th amendments to the u s constitution and certain congressional acts especially as applied to an individual or a minority group see more, the big picture the three goals of public education - bill honig s building better schools is intended to help you navigate the school reform debate so that you can focus on what top performers do it is a place where the supporting ideas research and exemplary models of the build and support approach are available and kept fresh, social studies georgia department of education - public law 108 447 requires the designation of constitution day and citizenship day on september 17 of each year the purpose of constitution day and citizenship day is to commemorate the formation and signing on september 17 1787 of the constitution and recognize all who by coming of age or by naturalization have become citizens