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a tort is a civil not criminal wrong recognized by law as grounds for a lawsuit mainly a tort comes about when a person including a corporation wrongfully injures another person, frequently asked questions new york state court of claims - the law and rules governing practice in the court of claims is set forth in the court of claims act the uniform rules for the court of claims 22 nycrr part 206 and in the decisions of the court of claims and of appellate courts interpreting these statutes and rules the matters discussed in the following questions and answers are frequently subject to judicial interpretation, civil practice and remedies code chapter 74 medical liability - civil practice and remedies code title 4 liability in tort chapter 74 medical liability subchapter a general provisions sec 74 001 definitions, what is business law definition overview video - business law is a broad area of law it covers many different types of laws and many different topics this lesson explains generally what business law is and how it s used 2013 04 24, glossary of legal terms judicial education center - 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